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SERVE HONOLULU - job board and culinary collective


All Food, Beverage and Hospitality Professionals are encouraged

to submit their resume and current dream job within this chosen field.

2020 was one of the most challenging years for all of us. Team EAT is grateful to be able to continue to give back.

We're using our platform to better connect people of F + B.

Send your contact info, resume and additional details (dream position, ideal work hours, etc...)


We will contact you, provide an interview, free consultation

and will do our best to assist in connecting you to the position your seeking or to additional resources.

Additional persons that are further verified will have an opportunity to be referred and placed within Team EAT.



Note: $525-700 cost per hire via standard job board (indeed, career builder, monster) We're providing this service for free during this most needed time during this pandemic. We will happily accept donations and/or uplifting reviews of support.

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